Sunday, April 12, 2009

Healthy Secrets For Fitness -- Diabetes Help

Diabetes in women is caused mainly due to obesity. There are various signs of diabetes in women such as feeling thirsty, dry skin, tiredness etc. Most women in US suffer from this deadly disease. Especially the colored community such as Hispanics and African-Americans are mostly affected by the rising tide of Type 2 diabetes.

Obesity makes our body more prone to diabetes
. Due to excess indulgence of junk food and soft drinks, excess amount of fat is deposited in our body. They make us look ugly while this lethal disease makes the whole situation worse. Usually Type 2 diabetes affects a middle-aged woman. Usually ineffective insulin, which is unable to maintain the blood sugar level in your body, causes this problem.

Symptoms and cures for Diabetes In Middle Aged Women

. Signs of diabetes in women are tiredness, frequent urination, dry skin, infections and weight loss. It is always advisable to consult a doctor if these symptoms are found in a woman. Due to aging your insulin becomes less effective hence the maintenance of blood glucose level is disrupted.

. Exercising and dieting can cure middle-aged women from diabetes. You should completely avoid sugar intake as they can raise the level of blood glucose in your body. You should also avoid food containing fats. Avoidance of red meat is extremely beneficial and prove to be effective cure for diabetes in women.

. Exercising regularly is the best cure for this disease. Aerobic dances are basically combination of aerobic exercises and various dance forms such jazz, salsa etc. They can tremendously help you in getting a disease free body while you can lose a serious weight by this process.It will effectively eliminate the signs of diabetes in women by curing the disorder upto huge extent.

. Eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits and drink lots of water to get rid of this problem. One can easily discard this problem by following a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping one's weight & height in proportion can even control Type 2 diabetes. For most diabetics, losing 5-7 pounds of weight can dramatically slow the progression of the disease. Dr Oz, Oprah Winfrey & Rachel Ray have all endorsed the Dynamic Duo! for weight loss & total body detox. Lipo-6 and Bowtrol
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